Black Seed Oil, The World's Strongest, The Blessed Seed STRONG,  1000 ml

Black Seed Oil, The World's Strongest, The Blessed Seed STRONG, 1000 ml

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"The Blessed Seed is the strongest, purest oil out there. I haven’t found any of the competition with an oil as potent as the blessed seed."
Antonio P


The purest and most potent black cumin seed oil with high thymoquinone content.

HerbHutch is happy to offer our customers the purest cold-pressed virgin quality black seed oil on the market with three different concentrations.


Achieving the purest and most potent black seed oil 

The Blessed Seed Company offers its health-conscious customers the purest oil by simply cold-pressing black cumin seeds that are harvested from carefully selected farms; factoring the seeds, place of growth, soil, climate, and many other factors. 

Research has revealed that most of the potent & fruitful activity found in Black Seed Oil, resides in its volatile oil.

The Blessed Seed Strong contains 4.3% volatile oil, potentially 3-4 times more powerful than most oils on the market!



Thymoquinone is a component of the volatile oil, so the higher the volatile oil content, the thymoquinone content will normally also be higher. 

The Blessed Seed brand also offers Mild (1% Volatile Oil) as well as Original (1.5% Volatile Oil). The less volatile oil content can be more suitable for people who are very sensitive.


The Blessed Seed Company's supplier sources the strongest Nigella Seeds allowing them to produce the most potent pure Black Seed Oil on the market.



The Blessed Seed Company uses the slow cold-pressed method which helps preserve the volatile components found in the oil.  This ensures that the valuable components are not damaged which can occur when the oil is pressed at a higher speed. Their oils are 100% pure virgin with absolutely no additives.

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”I appreciate what you do for me. :) My son has noticed a big difference in his energy level. He is a fireman and it is important for him to stay strong. Thank you again! Have a great day!”

Linda (California)


“Excellent Black Seed Oil. Very fast delivery. I just started using the oil. I am pleased with the oil thus far. I take it in the morning and receive an energy boost within an hour of taking it. Initial impression is it seems to be better than my previous brand. Will buy again.”

Gordon A. 


"Very good purchase and quick shipping. This is the BEST in Black Seed Oil from my tons of research!!! Thank You."

Gary L


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